• Q: What is your biggest fear?

    Q: What is your biggest fear?

    A: My biggest fear is to be powerless, to not be able to influence or impact a given situation. I don't like the feeling of not being able to act on my passions and not be able to do do anything about issues I care about. I get restless when I know nothing can be done. Sometimes I'm able to just discard these thoughts and forget about the stress since I can't do anything anyway, but most of the time I get stuck thinking of what I can do. This happens quite often in One Million Lights, especially when waiting for outputs from partners when organizing projects in far flung communities, problem solving during projects, or putting together grants with other organizations.

    On another note, an equivalent fear is losing my family. I am who I am and where I am because of them. They give me fuel for my passions and guidance to help me live them. I share my greatest and most memorable moments with them. I just can't imagine a world without this cornerstone in my life. I am motivated and inspired by having great people around me. Their absence would be quite scary.

    I'm also somewhat afraid of getting eaten alive by bugs.

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